Thursday, 2 February 2012

Last day Thursday

Today is the oh's last day at home for 1/4 of a year :(. Normally he goes away for 2 months but this time it's 3 because we have a wedding and oh wanted to be home for some of the girls summer holidays.

Because he wont be here I got my valentines present early. I have a real candles and candle holder obsession.

Today I have been making use of oh and getting him to do some jobs before he goes off on his travels. One of the things I wanted him to do was hang a necklace holder on the wall for me.

A while back I had painted several picture frames to hang up in our bedroom and when I bought the necklace holder I really didn't have an idea where I was going to put it, looking at the picture frames today I thought it would look ok under them.

Wall before necklace hanger

Wall after

I also hung up the cute little birds that I won on a giveaway.

I love my gold sewing machine it's one of my favourite charity shop finds.


  1. What a beautiful wall collection, the golden sewing machine was a fabulous find :) jen@madeinminch

  2. LOVE the display and your style. That gold sewing machine is FAB!! ♥

  3. I love your gold sewing machine, I have never seen one like it before . The little birds are really sweet, what a lovely giveaway prize.
    Ann x

  4. It was the first time I had seen a gold one as well :)