Monday, 31 October 2011

Soup, sparklers and sausage rolls

We went up to my mums house yesterday for a Halloween/bonfire night celebration because my husband is away in a few days and will miss bonfire night.

We had a very yummy meal of soup and not just any sausage roll its a m&s sausage roll which we ate in her summer house.  My step dad had a heater and a hob to keep soup warm, and Christmas tree lights for lighting so it was all very cosy.

summer house being built

unfortunately our picture of the summer house lit up didn't come out too good. Might have been because camera was on firework setting.

The fireworks pictures however came out really good even with me taking the pictures.

and everyone even the grown ups had fun with the sparklers  

when we came home we carved our pumpkins

vampire pumpkin

jack the pumpkin king

and this poor little guy ate too much sweets at the party!

vomiting pumpkin

when all of this is over we really need to dust

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Tiny Christmas stockings

Dk yarn
4mm double pointed needles
small buttons
coloured thread
Stockings measure approx 3 1/4 inches from top of stocking to tip of toe.

cast on 16 stitches over 3 needles     you should have stitches placed like this  5.6.5  
knit every round until piece measures 1 1/2 inches
knit 4 stitches turn and purl these 4 stitches and a further 4 stitches, you will now work on these 8 stitches to make a heel flap. ( pop remaining stitches on to other needle).

Heel flap

stocking stitch 4 rows

k1, slip 1 k1 psso, knit to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1
p1, p2tog, p2tog, p1
knit 2  with new needle knit the other 2 and pick up 2 stitches down side, new needle knit across middle needle, new needle pick up 2 stitches up side and knit first two stitches of this round.

on the three needles you should have 4.8.4

knit 1 round

knit 3 put last stitch on to middle needle k2tog then pass back to first needle.  k6 move last stitch on to last needle and k2tog leave on last needle knit toend.     4.6.4

knit 3 rounds

knit 3 put last stitch on to middle needle k2tog pass back to first needle. knit 4 pass last stitch on to last needle k2tog  knit to end.   4.4.4

knit 2 rounds

k1, k2tog,k1  repeat for all 3 needles

knit 2 rounds.

cut off length of yarn and pull through remaining stitches you have on needles. Sew ends in.

I did a crochet length to hang these up and sewed a button on to the front.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Getting into the Halloween spirit (early I know but I got excited)

I'm enjoying decorating for autumn.

 I have already carved a pumpkin   ( I have another giant one to do for Halloween)

even one of my candles is a pumpkin

and we have  tealight candles like nuts that are too pretty to burn

little dried pumpkins in the potpourri

even my knitting has taken on an autumn feel

I've gone slightly crazy :)


Friday, 21 October 2011

megs slouchy hat

slouchy hat  - Fits approx a 10 year old

knitted in sirdar click double knitting with wool.

dk yarn   100g ball


with 4mm double pointed needles cast on 138 stitches over 3 needles.

work k2 p2 rib for 8 rows.

the main pattern for this hat is worked in this pattern below

*  round 1; (main stitch)  purl 3 tog  do not move off needle then knit the 3 tog then purl the 3 tog again  now move off needle, knit 1 stitch.   (repeat  until end of round)

  round 2;  knit all  **


repeat from * to ** until piece measures  7 3/4 inches and you are about to do a knit row


round 1 of dec
knit 22, k2tog  repeat until end of round (knit remaining stitches that are not enough for pattern)

round   of  main stitch
( note where there is only now 2 stitches not three for main pattern  purl2 then knit the two etc)

round  2 of dec
knit 21, k2tog  repeat until end of round (knit remaining stitches that are not enough for pattern)

round of  main stitch
( note where there is only now 2 stitches not three for main pattern  purl2 then knit the two etc)

round 3 of dec
knit 20, k2tog  repeat until end of round (knit remaining stitches that are not enough for pattern)

round of  main stitch

( note where there is only now 2 stitches not three for main pattern  purl 2 then knit the two etc)

break off yarn leaving enough to pull through stitches and fasten off.


Thursday, 20 October 2011

It will only take a day or a few weeks

Well I cant remember how long ago I posted about the fire but its nearly all done (if most of this post is nonsense its because I've been on the vodka again, I don't normally drink during the week but we are on holiday :P )

The wall needs another coat of paint and the cable for the fire needs to go behind the wall
(through one of the pipes that was there for gas fire we had before) into the cupboard behind chair  and the skirting board needs to go on.

On my mantle are these gorgeous blocks

and you can get her lovely things from here

Kirstie's Handmade Britain - Eclairs recipe

After watching last nights episode of Kirstie's handmade Britain I  thought  I would have a go at the Eclair recipe.Kirsties eclair recipe. It is my first attempt at choux pastry so  I wasn't really sure what I was doing.

For some reason my mixture was too runny :/ or at least that is what it felt like. The temperature on recipe is also way too hot for my oven. The first batch were too burned and I threw them away,  Some of them I just spooned on baking tray (suggested by a lovely lady on a forum I visit).  They tasted lovely when filled with lemon whipped cream.

(I  couldnt make her kumquat filling because there are no kumquats in shops here)

Recipe for lemon whipped cream

250ml whipping cream
3 tablespoons sugar (I used caster and ground it with pestle and mortar)
3 teaspoons lemon juice
2 teaspoons lemon rind

put it all in bowl and whisk until it forms peaks.

 I will try this again and hopefully my piping gets better.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Just finished eating this £5 meal deal from Tesco.

Unfortunately my own photo turned out rubbish

I'm really going to have to start using our camera to take photos and not using my ipod.

Anyway it tasted really good but the kids aren't convinced and are sitting in the kitchen as we speak pushing it around their plate. Next time I make it I will just make the whole lot of it for me and my husband. Greedy piggie eh!!

The recipe says it feeds 4 but it wouldn't feed 4 men that's for sure, more suited to a couple and their kids. That's if your kids eat it and aren't as fussy as mine.

The Tesco website has a video of it being made 

hoping they have a beef meal soon.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Double knit oversocks

Socks to wear over other socks.

(fits approx size 6/7 foot)

1 100g ball of dk yarn
double pointed 4mm needles

(make two  the same)

cast on 48 stitches evenly over 3 needles

k2,p2 rib until piece measures 6 inches

divide for heel

knit 12 then turn and purl the 12 you have just knitted and then purl another 12.

you now have 24 stitches which you will work on stocking stitch for 24 rows.

turn heel

knit 12 stitches in the row

(1) k2, sl1 purlwise wyib, k1, psso, k1, turn without finishing row

(2) sl1 purlwise wyif, p5, p2tog,p1 turn without finishing row

(3) sl1 purlwise wyib knit across to 1st stitch  before gap made by turning sl1 purlwise, k1, psso, k1, turn

(4) sl1 purlwise wyif, purl to 1st stitch before gap made by turning p2tog, p1, turn

repeat rows 3 and 4 until all stitches have been knitted and there are no more gaps.

 (note the last rows you will miss the last k1 and p1 stitches because you will not have enough stitches)

make gusset

knit 7 stitches and place a marker on last stitch to mark end of the round.

using another needle knit across remaining 7 stitches (this will now be needle 1) then pick up and knit 12 stitches down flap side.

work across 24 stitches on needle 2

pick up and knit 12 stitches from other side of flap and knit across final 7 stitches.

total 62 stitches

shape gusset

(round 1)                 needle 1... knit to last 3 stitches k2tog k1
needle 2... knit across
          needle 3... k1,ssk,knit to end

(round 2)   knit all stitches

continue in this manner until 48 stitches remain.

work piece until it measures 7 3/4 inches from  heel

toe shaping

(round1)                   needle 1.....knit to last 3 stitches on needle k2tog, k1
                            needle 2....k1,ssk knit to last 3 stitches k2tog, k1
needle 3 .... k1,ssk knit to end

(round2) knit

repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there are 24 stitches

then repeat round 1 until there are 8 stitches

graft remaining stitches with kitchener stitch.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

October break

Got back yesterday from our October break in a caravan beside Edinburgh . We visited our dynamic earth, museum on the mound (where we saw £1 million pounds), the National museum of Scotland and Edinburgh zoo.  The best part is museum on the mound and the national museum were free to visit.  We also hired a four seater bike thing, took a walk on the beach and found some huge pieces of sea glass and the kids went to the pool.

Edinburgh is the place to go if you want a towel that like a kilt

some pictures  from national museum

view from national museum roof garden

we even managed to visit Ikea which made me a very happy bunny. We got some candles  and these tealight/candlestick holders depending which way you turn it 

We also bought some  kanelbullar which went down a treat in caravan with some tea after a busy day shopping.

One of my favourite parts of the holidays was seeing the penguins at Edinburgh zoo doing their daily walk 

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Layered candle

Layered candle made from Yankee candle tarts and homemade wick.

Clementine Candle

Today I made myself a Clementine candle.  You need a clementine (obviously lol) and olive oil.

First you need to score round middle of  clementine  and then push your finger in and run it around the inside.

Then  you need to pull apart and you are left with two pieces like this.  Notice one of them has a natural wick, cool eh

you then need to cut a shape out of the top (at this point my husband decided he wanted to join in/interfere and he cut the shape)

You then trim the wick and put in some olive oil. Leave to soak for a while.  (maybe you could use this time to eat the clementine :)  )

After it has soaked for a while you can light it. You need to hold the match/lighter on it for a moment for it to light.  


Leave for a moment and then place the top on it

Sit back and enjoy your candle, mine has been burning for 40 minutes now!!