Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tesco £5 real food deal - Leek and potato pot pies

Yesterday  morning we went to Tesco to get their £5 real food deal. We have realised you have to go first thing on the Monday morning because if you don't there is a good chance they wont have all the ingredients.  Yesterday morning they didn't have the instruction leaflet out  but we could see from the ingredients that it would be a pie.   Luckily they have the instructions and a video of it being made online.


All the of the ingredients you get for £5 are not needed to make the pies so some of our stock, a small amount of cream and half of the leeks went into a soup that we had at lunch time.

We also had enough pastry left over to make some jam tarts.

I do not have tart tins so I cut out the pastry with a pastry cutter and pressed them into the holes in a  greased cupcake/yorkshire pudding tin.

I have really enjoyed the last two weeks real food deals, not sure if I will manage to make next weeks as we are off on a little trip.

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