Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Stray sock sewing Tuesday

Yesterday (I think it was yesterday I get so confused with days when my oh is home) I said I was going to make another sock monkey, then I remembered I had a stray sock sewing book with lots of different animals that I hadn't tried yet.

To get the stray sock book from amazon click below. (opens in this page)

Stray sock sewing

Introducing Zahara the zebra

I'm sure she would have looked a lot better if I had bought some black and white stripy socks but I am trying to use up what I have this year instead of buying lots of new things.

Hoping the girls like her when they come back from school

Monday, 30 January 2012

Sock monkey Monday.

I recently won a giveaway at Countryheartandhome Which was such a lovely surprise because normally I have no luck (I once won pregnancy vitamins after I came home from hospital with my baby), So winning something so lovely was such a great surprise.

Huge thank you to Debbie @ http://countryheartandhome.blogspot.com/ for having her giveaway and for the lovely items xxx

We were out when the postman came which for us is typical, we can wait in all day and as soon as we leave the house for 5 minutes someone tries to deliver something.

We went to pick up our parcels from the sorting office and oh went oh what's this and started trying to open it. I had a good idea what it was and started shouting at him to leave it for me to open lol

Here it is and it is lovely

I will be having a good look at the book this afternoon and using the sewing kit to make a sock monkey.

But in the meantime and a little bit like blue Peter here's one I made earlier.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Söndag natt is Swedish night.

So far this month we have had Chinese new year food, burns supper and today I really wanted some meatballs so we decided it would be Swedish night. Luckily we had a jar of lingonberry jam that we bought from ikea last time we were there, no shops sell it here :(.

(I wonder if the rest of the jar would freeze until next time I make meatballs)

I made the meatball sauce from the ikea recipe. http://www.ikea-friends.com/corner/recipe-meatball.shtml

Oh joked that we will be building flat pack furniture later, at least I hope it was a joke.

I love meatballs almost as much as my other favourite Swedish thing

Home made sunday.

Slightly hungover morning but decided to make some cookies and use my homemade cookie stamp which we bought from Lakeland a while back.

When we used it a few days ago oh neatly cut round edge.

Today I couldn't be bothered with that so they are looking a little more rustic, but still really tasty.

Off to enjoy some with a cup of tea.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sparkly Saturday

Had a busy day, first we took the girls to get their hair cut. My eldest had some layers in to make her thick hair a bit more manageable and the youngest a trim so she could see. The hairdresser told the eldest her hair was lovely and never cut it short or dye it. Heres hoping she isn't like her mum and actually listens to the never dye you hair part.

Then it was off to buy some earrings and my youngest decided she wanted her ears pierced there and then(she was going to be getting it for her birthday but her dad won't be here and I didn't want to see her getting it done, such a wimp) she was very brave and proud of her sparkly studs.

Then it was off for passport photos, we don't know when we will be going abroad but we know we want to but never got round to getting passports for the girls.

After that I had to come home and give the bathroom another coat of paint.

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

The change in colour isn't too different but it's looking a lot better with a few bits that needed plastering.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Sweatshirt liposuction and flower icing

Why is it whenever you are trying to find something in a charity shop you never see it.

I am currently hunting a men's extra large hoodie to make into a hoodie cardigan

Hoodie cardigan link


I don't want to buy a new one in case I muck it up.

I did however find a flower icing set from the charity shop my mother in law works in.

Can't wait to try it out on a giant cupcake!!

Lights camera and not a lot of action!!

I have always hated our living room light

Our living room light

so I was delighted when my husband said we could get a new one. That's when the problems began, now my husband isn't the kind of man that just tells me to pick whatever I want, on no he dares to have an opinion (how dare he).

When we got to b and q much debating went on as to which light to get. Eventually we settled for

But I really wanted the 5 bulb one which oh said would hang way too low on our ceiling.

And alas I can only dream of having a room with a high enough ceiling for a 7 bulb one

After we agreed on a light there was the problem of finding bulbs. The ones in store had lovely bulbs in them that were nowhere to be seen. We eventually settled on energy saving ones that aren't as pretty but do the job.

We also changed lights in the kitchen because they weren't bright enough

From this

To this

And best yet they only cost about £5.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Burns night supper

Just enjoyed a lovely burns night supper of haggis, neeps,tatties and mince.!!

It has been a week of eating way too much, we had Chinese food for Chinese new year and it was lovely. I found some fairy lights that we got from a friend and we made some paper lanterns which we hung from the ceiling airer ( which we actually bought to hang pans from but that lasted less than a week before we discovered clothes dry brilliantly on it).

Tomorrow we will be having soup to try and make up for all the extra calories we have scoffed so far this week.

Some extra bouncing on the rebounder may be done as well.

Learning Wednesday

Today I have been learning about volcanoes with the help of iTunes u and the free courses it has. I love that it is free and there are lots of different things to learn. It will hopefully keep me busy for a long time.

At the moment I am also learning Swedish with the help of http://www.babbel.com/ , the goswedish app for iPod/iPad and the go Swedish you tube channel. I hope that one day I can watch a Swedish film with no subtitles.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Zipper flower

I had my first attempt at making a flower with a zip today. I first discovered them on pinterest and as I have a huge basket full of zips thought I would give it a go. Next time I might try making one with different colours and a few petals.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Mary Berry giant spiced Christmas cupcake

Today I made myself a giant cupcake using two packs of Mary Berrys spiced Christmas cupcakes mix. ( I  bought a few packs when they were reduced to 50p in Tesco)   

I didn't use the brandy that came for adding to icing but made a pink vanilla icing to cover it and edible silver balls for decoration.

Its a huge improvement from last one I made  First attempt at a giant cupcake

Mary Berrys spiced Christmas cupcakes recipe can be found  here

I'm hoping to make my girls giant cupcakes for their birthday cakes this year.