Friday, 27 January 2012

Lights camera and not a lot of action!!

I have always hated our living room light

Our living room light

so I was delighted when my husband said we could get a new one. That's when the problems began, now my husband isn't the kind of man that just tells me to pick whatever I want, on no he dares to have an opinion (how dare he).

When we got to b and q much debating went on as to which light to get. Eventually we settled for

But I really wanted the 5 bulb one which oh said would hang way too low on our ceiling.

And alas I can only dream of having a room with a high enough ceiling for a 7 bulb one

After we agreed on a light there was the problem of finding bulbs. The ones in store had lovely bulbs in them that were nowhere to be seen. We eventually settled on energy saving ones that aren't as pretty but do the job.

We also changed lights in the kitchen because they weren't bright enough

From this

To this

And best yet they only cost about £5.


  1. I've got those light fttings too .... Would love a chandelier but with average height ceilings and an above average height husband thats not gonna happen in this house!

  2. My husband is only about 5 foot 9 but he was more worried about tall guests. I told him they could duck but he wasn't having any of it lol.