Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sparkly Saturday

Had a busy day, first we took the girls to get their hair cut. My eldest had some layers in to make her thick hair a bit more manageable and the youngest a trim so she could see. The hairdresser told the eldest her hair was lovely and never cut it short or dye it. Heres hoping she isn't like her mum and actually listens to the never dye you hair part.

Then it was off to buy some earrings and my youngest decided she wanted her ears pierced there and then(she was going to be getting it for her birthday but her dad won't be here and I didn't want to see her getting it done, such a wimp) she was very brave and proud of her sparkly studs.

Then it was off for passport photos, we don't know when we will be going abroad but we know we want to but never got round to getting passports for the girls.

After that I had to come home and give the bathroom another coat of paint.

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

The change in colour isn't too different but it's looking a lot better with a few bits that needed plastering.

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