Monday, 28 November 2011

monday night knitting

In the process of knitting handwarmers with leftover aran I had from making my hat.

The pattern is from here and better still it is free

praying I have enough wool for this because I want to make them for a present.

Tis the season to get ..... ill!!!

Had a few weeks of  me and the kids feeling ill. Every time one of us got better another seemed to get ill again.

On the craft front I have been busy making hats.

The teal one comes from a book called  celebrity slouchy beanies and the white one was made with free wool and a pattern from lets knit magazine.

How the teal one looks on

This morning I have been making  sweet chilli jam

I use this recipe   its really easy to make and tastes lovely with all kinds of cold meat or crackers and cheese.

I will be eating mine over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

One jar will be for us and I am thinking of giving the other jar to one of our family members. I get really nervous at the thought of that in case I manage to make someone ill lol

Saturday, 12 November 2011

candles obsession

I have a slight obsession with candles but some of them are so expensive. On Thursday we went to lidls and they have some gorgeous candles at not totally out of it prices. (loving the red stars hoping they still have some left next time I am in)

                                                                  gorgeous tealights

  < angel candles in this corner

So pretty it was very hard to chose. I ended up getting two packs of tea lights but they both look too nice to burn.

Im getting into the Christmas spirit and cant wait until dec to start decorating.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christmas lights and Christmas crafts

A few days ago we had a visit to a garden centre which was all done up for Christmas (it seems to come earlier every year!!)

They have an area filled with all kinds of lovely lights and light displays which you enter through a lit up tunnel.

I especially loved the Toadstool lights 

and the shabby chic style lantern

the polar bear and penguin display looked lovely and my mum couldnt help herself and went and bought a little penguin.

first time I have seen a donkey wearing wellie boots

while I was there I couldnt help but pick up a few bits and pieces for Christmas

A few days ago I bought a bundle of felt and some other bits and bobs from the felt fairy 

I have been busy making a few different bits and pieces