Monday, 28 November 2011

Tis the season to get ..... ill!!!

Had a few weeks of  me and the kids feeling ill. Every time one of us got better another seemed to get ill again.

On the craft front I have been busy making hats.

The teal one comes from a book called  celebrity slouchy beanies and the white one was made with free wool and a pattern from lets knit magazine.

How the teal one looks on

This morning I have been making  sweet chilli jam

I use this recipe   its really easy to make and tastes lovely with all kinds of cold meat or crackers and cheese.

I will be eating mine over the Christmas and New Year holiday.

One jar will be for us and I am thinking of giving the other jar to one of our family members. I get really nervous at the thought of that in case I manage to make someone ill lol

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