Monday, 31 October 2011

Soup, sparklers and sausage rolls

We went up to my mums house yesterday for a Halloween/bonfire night celebration because my husband is away in a few days and will miss bonfire night.

We had a very yummy meal of soup and not just any sausage roll its a m&s sausage roll which we ate in her summer house.  My step dad had a heater and a hob to keep soup warm, and Christmas tree lights for lighting so it was all very cosy.

summer house being built

unfortunately our picture of the summer house lit up didn't come out too good. Might have been because camera was on firework setting.

The fireworks pictures however came out really good even with me taking the pictures.

and everyone even the grown ups had fun with the sparklers  

when we came home we carved our pumpkins

vampire pumpkin

jack the pumpkin king

and this poor little guy ate too much sweets at the party!

vomiting pumpkin

when all of this is over we really need to dust

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  1. Looks like you had a fabulous barbecue and fireworks! Love the summer house.