Thursday, 20 October 2011

It will only take a day or a few weeks

Well I cant remember how long ago I posted about the fire but its nearly all done (if most of this post is nonsense its because I've been on the vodka again, I don't normally drink during the week but we are on holiday :P )

The wall needs another coat of paint and the cable for the fire needs to go behind the wall
(through one of the pipes that was there for gas fire we had before) into the cupboard behind chair  and the skirting board needs to go on.

On my mantle are these gorgeous blocks

and you can get her lovely things from here


  1. Found your sweet blog today and wanted to say hi! love your red wall and union jack things :) the room is looking great.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. It looks gorgeous and cosy and the blocks just go beautifully