Monday, 20 February 2012

Moody Monday cupboard cleaning.

I opened my daughters toy cupboard today and was greeted by this

Never in my life have I seen such a complete and utter mess. It was one of those moments when I wished I had kim and aggie from how clean is your house to come and help.

There were bits of Lego everywhere random doll parts and lots of pieces of polly pocket etc.

Five hours ( yes that's right five hours for one bl@@dy cupboard) five black bags and it was finally tidy. I forgot to take an after picture and the kids have been alone upstairs for an hour, I'm too scared to look in it in case it looks the same again.


  1. He he, must have been easy for her to clean her room....step 1 open cupboard, step 2 shove stuff inside, Step 3 close door. repeat each time bedroom gets messy and mum nags. Oh dear, cupboard is now full.... hooray mum has tidied it again, step 1 begin again.....