Thursday, 22 September 2011

What to knit next

Been awake for a while now, I'm not feeling well so can't sleep. I was thinking what will I knit next. One of my last projects  before the horse was a knitted bag.  Which I have not used yet because I still need to put in a zip or press studs to keep it closed. I always have a fear that I will lose things out of bags that have no way to close.

my knitted handbag


My husband has banned me from buying any more wool until  I have used the huge amount that has taken over (very messily I  may add) the unit in our bedroom.  He says my hoarding stuff is getting out of hand. If you looked in our fridge and saw the shelf that is totally dedicated to my nail polish you might agree and the scary thing is that's not all my nail polish  eeek!!!

So what I need  are some new projects to use up some wool so I can go buy some more, yipeeee!!!

I  may knit the whole family handwarmers like these ones from a lovely pattern from ravelry.

not sure they would suit the husband though :p

Suppose I better go to bed and attempt to sleep.

night night xx

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