Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mini christmas jumpers

Dk yarn and 3 1/4 mm needles 


Cast on 14 stitches
Work 2 rows of k1,p1 rib
Work 16 rows of as beginning with a k row
Cast off 4 stitches at beginning of next 2 rows
Work 6 leftover stitches in rib for 6 rows
Cast off and sew  together neck and shoulder stitches
With right side facing Pick up 4 stitches either side of jumper for sleeve
Ss on these 8 stitches for seven rows beginning with p row then rib two rows
Cast off and repeat other side for the other sleeve.
Sew up roll down neck and stick on a handmade paperclip coat hanger.

Cast on 14 stitches and rib two rows as above
Working piece in ss cable * 5th row then every 4 row until you have done 16 rows

* knit 5 stitches, slip 2 stitches on to cable needle and hold at back of work. Knit two then knit two from cable needle, knit to end of work

Cast off 4 stitches, cable in appropriate place and ss to end
Cast off 4 stitches ss to end

Neck and sleeves as above

Cast on 15 stitches, work 2 rows of rib and 4 rows of ss

Follow chart for 16 rows the black square on the chart indicates white yarn is used.
Cast off 4, knit 2,knit2tog, ss to end.
Cast off 4, ss to end
Follow as neck and sleeves for cable and plain jumper 

Paperclip hanger was made using a two inch paperclip.  

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